Goodbye Office, Hello World

“You don’t have to follow the path set by others. With Tim’s help, you can create the life of adventure you deserve. This book will show you the way, but you’ll have to take the first step. The world is waiting.” ~ Jeff Goins, bestselling author of The Art of Work

“If your goal is to explore the world while working, learning & growing, this book is essential reading.” ~ Robert Gerrish, Founder of Flying Solo, Author of ‘The 1 – Minute Commute’, presenter & podcaster.


In the new “work from anywhere” economy, today’s workforce demands more flexibility, freedom, and financial stability. The combination of technology and the roll-on effects of the pandemic has shifted the power from the corporation to the individual. If you can’t get the outcome you desire, you need to acquire the right freelance and digital skills so you can. This book shows you how.

In just a few years, Tim went from working a dead-end full-time office job to becoming location independent, all self-taught online for little money. As a result, he gained newfound freedom and zest for life. Becoming a digital nomad meant Tim could travel the world sustainably and swap the office for the shade of a palm tree, but he couldn’t have done it without assistance from the gig and sharing economies.

Written in an honest, down-to-earth style,
Goodbye Office, Hello World! empowers you to gain better work/lifestyle balance & integration by becoming location independent and free to travel the world. You only live once… so start living!


Goodbye Office, Hello World teaches you:


  • How to be a digital nomad with no skills by leveraging the gig economy

  • How to find freedom as a location-independent freelancer online

  • All the countries offering a digital nomad visa

  • How to develop the right mindset and overcome imposter syndrome

  • How to work remotely like a pro and travel the world

  • How to use the sharing economy and reward points to sustain travel

  • How to land that perfect “work from anywhere” job

  • The role of cryptocurrency in the future of work, freelancing, and nomad life

And a whole lot more! You’re only one decision away from altering the course of your life for the better. Let reading this book be that decision.

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