Killer Sexbot by Chuck Darby

Graphic novel Killer Sexbot cover art by Chuck Darby and Tim Roberts

Killer Sexbot is a graphic novel written under my pen (and middle) name, Chuck Darby. Why the anonymity? Because it features some pretty out-there shit, and I still have clients to consider that I do not want to think I’m some deranged whack-job. 

I would describe it as a contemporary Frankenstein-like story. 

A global sex toy corporation rushes to market the world’s first intelligent humanoid robot for sexual gratification purposes. Of course, things do not go to plan and the Sexbot goes AWOL on a murderous rampage killing the deviants of the fictional Sky City.

She finds a friend in seasoned prostitute, Valerie Hollywell.  They both cause havoc taking revenge on her abusive clients and powerful pimp, the feared Atticus Rex. It’s not long before Sexbot has the criminal underworld, the global sex toy corporation and the entire police force out for her robotic ass.

Killer Sexbot is currently undergoing illustration of the first ten pages which will be used to raise a crowdfunding campaign. If you are interested in supporting the project (with rewards given) please contact me here. Thank you in advance.

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