How to Price Yourself as a Freelancer​

How to Price Yourself as a Freelancer When I first started as a freelancer, like most newbies, I had no idea how to charge. As such, I turned to a close friend in advertising.   “$100 an hour,” he said.   “$100 an hour!? ” I replied incredulously, “I can’t ask for $100 an hour. I’mContinue reading “How to Price Yourself as a Freelancer​”

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome​

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Imposter syndrome is real. Especially when pursuing a new endeavor, or breaking out on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur. However, the reality is often far different from what’s happening inside your noggin. I remember my first few copywriting jobs. I felt like such a massive fraud. To be fair,Continue reading “How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome​”

The power of visualisation and taking action

I am not much for self-help writing; however, mindset is everything when transitioning into a new lifestyle or career. Lifestyle design, as Tim Ferris calls it, takes courage, faith and action. In this post, I will discuss the role of visualisation combined with action and how it can serve you in achieving your dream lifestyle.

How to Set Up a Freelance Business​

How to Set Up a Freelance Business One of the most common questions I get asked as a freelancer is whether it’s a hard way to make a living, let alone be super successful. While it does take a certain amount of grit and determination, it does bring exceptional personal and professional growth. While startingContinue reading “How to Set Up a Freelance Business​”

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