I am currently working on three books which I plan to self-publish here.

Road to Freelance

One is a non-fiction, Road to Freelance, which you can read in my blog. Each blog post serves as a chapter. This documents my journey to becoming a location-independent freelancer by leveraging the gig economy. It also serves as a step-by-step process for those looking to do something similar.

Road to Freewing book cover

Too Sydney Swooner

The second book is a novel/fiction:

Archie Flynn has it all; a successful finance career, a beautiful terrace home in The Rocks of Sydney Harbour, and a sex life that James Bond would be envious of. But when he turns 30-year-old and no one realises, not even his old man, Archie suddenly feels very alone. And when he attends the wedding of his last remaining un-married friend, he finds himself asking why he’s still single and shagging anything with boobs that moves.

Then enters Jezebel Ekas, an American professional mixed martial arts fighter, and a beauty to boot. Finally, Archie believes he has found the one woman who just might be able to beat him into submission and settle him down for good. Only it’s too late, as Archie comes down with a rare, exotic, un-diagnosed sexually transmitted infection. In order to protect her, he is forced to keep it a secret and go against his instinct to do everything he can to not sleep with Jezebel.

The Sydney Swinger book cover

Killer Sexbot

Killer Sexbot is a graphic novel which could be described as a modern-day Frankenstein.

When a global sex toy corporation fund an illegal artificially intelligent humanoid for sexual purposes, the robot is rushed to market to be a competitor with similar ambitions. But with this comes great risk, and the sexbot, instead of gratifying men, unleashes a killing spree on all those who seek to defile her. The only person she finds solace in is the hooker with a heart of gold, Valerie Hollywell.

Meanwhile, detectives Whiteman and Whyte try to piece together a horror night of murders and dismemberment. Eventually, they realise they potentially have a highly-dangerous intelligent robot on their case. But is it simply a malfunctioning robot on their hands, or a killer sexbot with an agenda?

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