The Misadventures of a Modern-day Nomad: Highly Flawed Individual

Misadventures of a Modern-Day Nomad

Highly Flawed Individual is the first in the series The Misadventures of a Modern-Day Nomad, and introduces us to fictional character, Archie Flynn. While the first book is a romantic comedy about Archie in his hometown of The Rocks in Sydney, Australia, the remainder of the series will follow Archie around the world in his quest to become a successful digital nomad. However, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. Each book will be set in a different country or region around the world.


If you’re looking for the next classics in literature, these books probably aren’t for you. If you want a wild, entertaining, hilarious ride, then hop on the Fun-Flynn Express.


About book 1. Highly Flawed Individual:


Eternal bachelor and pants-man Archie Flynn has it all; a successful finance career, a beautiful terrace home in Sydney’s highly sought-after Rocks district, and a thriving sex life that James Bond would envy. But then enters Jezebel Ekas, an American professional mixed martial arts fighter and a beauty to boot. Archie meets his match, and then some.


He’s finally found a woman who could settle him down for good if it wasn’t for his past promiscuity catching up with him. This comes in the form of a rare and exotic, un-diagnosed sexually transmitted infection on his cherished manhood. Now, Archie is forced to go against his every instinct and do everything he can to not sleep with Jezebel, including lying to her. But could this be the gift wrapped in shit Archie needed? Or will Jezebel be the one that got away.


Highly Flawed Individual is due for launch in the latter half of 2023. If you wish to be a part of the launch team where you can purchase the book at a highly discounted price, please contact me here.

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