Tim Roberts writer

Hey there, I’m Tim

I am a freelance writer, blogger, digital marketer and sometimes actor. This site serves two purposes:

  1. To provide useful and engaging content for my readers.
  2. To function as my author platform to help market and sell future eBooks

The first blog/book, Road to Freelance – How to leverage the gig economy to become a location-independent free agent, will be published by chapter for each blog post. Upon completetion, there will be a book launch where it will be made available for free to my subscriber base, after which it will go on sale for an as-yet-decided price.

I will also be launching my first novel, Hello Stranger, and graphic novel, Killer Sexbot, as eBooks where my subscriber base will also have the opportunity to get for free before going on sale.

To learn more about me, you can view Tim Roberts LinkedIn Profile.

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