G'day, I'm Tim

Tim Roberts author




Tim Roberts is the author of Goodbye Office, Hello World! Find freedom, work from anywhere and travel the world, and upcoming fiction titles, The Sydney Swinger, and Killer Sexbot.


For non-fiction, Tim writes about all things freelance, location-independence and travel. Ultimately, to find freedom! For fiction, he writes adventure, comedy, thriller, and Sci-Fi, or a combination of all the above.

Tim’s background is working in sales, marketing, and advertising for over twenty years. At one point Tim leaped out on his own as a freelance writer to work from anywhere and finally travel the world. This inspired his writing. Ten years later and Tim is living a digital nomad existence as a copywriter, content marketer, and author. He advocates for work flexibility so people can live out their best life and experience all that this fascinating world and its people have to offer.

When Tim is not writing he is swimming at the beach, exploring a new place, or planning his next destination.

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