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Tim Roberts author


I’m Tim Roberts, a writer and free-spirited individual flying solo who advocates to work from anywhere so people can live their best lives experiencing all the world has to offer. Although I have no fixed address, although I grew up in Sydney, Australia.

I work remotely as the lead content writer for a sustainable travel company, while galivanting around the world, getting up to all sorts of mischief, and writing about it. I aim to inform, entertain and, most of all, inspire you to break free from the grind and live your best life.

Goodbye Office, Hello World! Find freedom, work from anywhere and travel the world, is my first book, published under Tim Roberts. Feel free to buy it for a couple of bucks and leave me an honest (decent) review, and if we ever meet, I promise to give you a hug.

My first novel, Highly Flawed Individual, published under T.C. Roberts author (because there’s so many God damn Tim Roberts’ in this world!) follows the adventures of a fictional digital nomad (not at all based on me…).

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