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As the global pandemic has grounded Aussies, restricting us from travelling overseas, more of us are hitting the road for the classic road trip. After all, we live on the biggest island in the world, so it makes sense for us to explore! Australia is a diverse landscape with so much to experience, from sandy deserts to tropical rainforests and a supersized rock.

However, if you’re not prepared, travelling this vast land of ours can also be a challenge. Budgeting is crucial if you want your wheels to travel far and wide. Lucky for you, you can make clever use out of the one resource you need for a road trip; fuel (unless, of course, you drive an EV but you might struggle to find a charging station in the middle of the outback). There is a way to make your extensive fuel consumption work for you on your road trip. It’s called BP Rewards.

What is BP Rewards

BP Rewards is a rewards program whereby you can earn either BP points or QANTAS points. BP points can be redeemed to get dollars off your fuel, whereby QANTAS points can be used towards your next holiday, in the form of flights, accommodation, car rental, amongst others things. ‘

All you need to do is head to BP Rewards website and create an account for free. Then, you can download either the BP Rewards digital card or the BPme App. If you choose to go the route of BP Rewards, and every time you fill up, you scan your rewards card in-store to score the points. Every 500 hundred points equate to $5 off fuel. It may not seem like much, but burning lots of petrol while on lengthy road trips can add up pretty quick. What’s more, you also earn points spent in-store. This means that if you grab yourself a sandwich and drink, or perhaps some fruit (trying to think of healthy servo options here!) you will also earn points for eating while road tripping. As such, you can earn rewards on the essential requirements needed for a road trip; food, water and fuel!

BP Rewards QANTAS Points

The other option, and one I opt for, links your BP Rewards card to your QANTAS frequent flyer card. If you do not have a QANTAS frequent flyer account, you can create one here. This means that you will earn QANTAS Frequent Flyer points every time you fill up and buy in-store at any BP service station. I like this option because I use the points towards accommodation during my road trip or save them up for the next one. At the moment, I am accumulating points to use on my first trip overseas once international travel resumes post-COVID, and they’re climbing fast.

Here is a breakdown of the points earned for both BP Reward points and QANTAS points:

  • 2 points per litre on BP ultimate unleaded
  • 1 point per litre on all other fuels
  • 1 point per dollar spent in shop

BP Rewards App

To make things even easier, BP has created an App to use for contactless payment of fuel, the BPme Contact-free fuel payment. It is available for both IOS and Android. The App enables you to pay for your petrol from your car without needing to go in-store, unless, of course, you are buying something else.
 Keep in mind; you must first open the App and activate the bowser before filling up. Just follow the below steps: 

  1. Download App : Link to Qantas Frequent Flyer account if you choose to earn QFF points.
  2. Link Payment: You can link a cdebit card, credit card or Paypal account to the App for payment.
  3. Fill Up: Pull up next to BP service station bowser and open the BPme App from your car. The APP will automatically determine your BP location. Confirm.
  4. Enter bowser: The App will prompt you to enter your bowser number. Once confirmed, the bowser will be unlocked, ready for you to fill up.
  5. Refuel: Leave phone in car while you fill-up. Upon completion, return inside car and check the App. Once confirmed payment you can drive away.
  6. Wait for points: The App will automatically log the points earned to your account. No need to scan rewards card in-store!

As you can see from the last point, the App will automatically add the points (BP or QANTAS) to your chosen rewards account. Too easy!

Develop a points mindset

I have learnt that if you can do your homework and get into the habit of earning points for your purchases, you can save yourself some serious coin. Over the years, I’ve funded several trips, both domestically and abroad, with Qantas reward points earned through everyday purchases. From clothes, furniture, food, accommodation, you name it, you can earn points for just about anything these days. And if you pay for them with a reward points earning credit card, you double up on the points. 

To find out all the information you need to maximise your points earning power, check out a blog dedicated to the subject, The Points Guy. Here, he covers the best ways and credit cards to earn points for just living your life, including paying your bills! Additionally, I will also be posting more useful articles on having a points mindset to help you achieve your location independent and digital nomad lifestyle dreams.

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