Why Work From Anywhere is Here to Stay

The work from anywhere concept has become ever more prevalent since the start of the pandemic. After stay-at-home orders were enforced, many soon realised that today’s technologies enable them to work from anywhere.

Of course, not everyone can work from anywhere. Most people have commitments tying them to a location; family, pets, an employer who won’t allow them to work remotely. And some, like a builder, are required to be on site.

But for the rest of us potential digital nomads, there is a shift taking place. Especially in the younger generation. The pandemic made people revaluate what they want in work and life, and a common theme I hear is more freedom.


Possibly one of the best words in the English language.

And that’s what location independence gives you; a sense of freedom.

And it’s also why I chose to write this blog and, one day, book. I aim to inform and inspire all those looking to make the leap to work from anywhere. But first, let’s take a look at what location independence brings you.

My makeshift office in Malindi, Kenya

The location independent lifestyle


First and foremost, the best thing about location independence is the ability to work and travel. I love travel. I travel a lot. Well, I used to travel a lot before Covid grounded me and I got locked up inside fortress Australia. I believe travel changes you. I love learning about other countries history and culture, embodying the digital nomad lifestyle and being a global citizen. How I travel now is much different to how I travelled in my 20’s… I can’t remember much of that travel. I still like to have fun, but I like having travel memories more.

The most recent travel I did before the Covid was throughout Africa, and I can honestly say it changed my whole world view. Not everyone has the same experience as you and share the same ideas of what it means to be successful and happy. You get to understand the different motivations others have in different parts of the world.

Travel is also good for the soul. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve mental and physical health. It makes me appreciate what a blessed life I live back home, delivering a higher level of gratitude.

As an entrepreneur, you can gain a lot from travel. It opens your eyes to possibilities as well as problems and solutions others are experiencing around the world. You develop compassion and a hunger to help. I believe the most successful entrepreneurs are out to help, solve problems in one way or another.

No commute

Having spent much of my adult life living in Sydney and commuting sometimes three hours a day (before I found a better way to live), I know the many benefits that no commute brings.

Firstly, less stress. Being stuck in carpark-like traffic having to stand on a crowded bus or train, isn’t the ideal way to start the day. Working from home (or anywhere), drastically shortens your commute from the bedroom to the home office, or cafe, or wherever you decide to work from for the day. this allows you to wake up slowly, on your own terms, which is the ideal way to start the day.

Stress isn’t the only thing you will save in not commuting. Money. Not only for you but for your employer too. Once businesses realise they can cut down on overheads with commercial office space and improve on their bottom line, thus increasing profits, the work from anywhere will definitely be here to stay.

But perhaps most precious of all by not communting is saving time, which leads us onto our next point…

More productive

Not having to commute saves you time. While all those people are in the rat race to the office, you’ve already punch out a solid hour of work before they’ve sat down at their desk. What a way to get ahead!

Moreover, there can be less distraction not being in the office. Provided you don’t have young kids, pets or an annoying housemate that crave attention, you can get much more done in less time while working from anywhere. Especially, if you can master deep work focus techniques, which I cover in more detail in this post.

Better work, life balance

Work from anywhere allows you to do just that, work from anywhere. This allows for what Tim Ferris coined as Lifestyle Design. As the title suggests, lifestyle design is about designing your life to suit you. For me, this means living close to the beach. Preferably on an island with lot’s of nature. At the moment, that is Magnetic Island in tropical north Australia. In my spare time, I get to go snorkelling, hiking, and… well, hammocking. As a result, my well-being is top notch. Life is good.

To sum up

I hope I have sold the idea of work from anywhere well. It has certainly changed my life for the better, and I hope it can do for you too. The conventional way of work is changing before our eyes. Gone are the days where you had to be tied down to the one job and location. The future of work is location independence.

Published by Tim Roberts

Tim is a freelance writer, blogger, digital marketer, creator and author.

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